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Science Projects with Carmelo the Science Fellow

Learn about Carmelo Piazza, aka Carmelo the Science Fellow, in this video.


Hi guys. My name's Carmelo Piazza.

But everybody in downtown Brooklyn knows me as Carmelo the Science Fellow, which was a name given to me by a kid about 15 years ago when I first started teaching. And oddly enough, this kid hated science.

One day later I started teaching in his school, he goes home and he tells his dad about this awesome experiment I did, and he loved science from that moment on.

It was at that moment that I realized how important, and effective, hands-on science can be. Here I am fifteen years later, I have two amazing science centers in downtown Brooklyn, I see over 10,000 kids a year hosting science birthday parties, after-school classes, summer camps, I'm actually opening up my own science-based pre-school because I realize how important science education truly is.

Please visit my website at to get a look at my different classes, my parties, my summer camps, and anything else that I do. Or check out my new school that's opening up,

I hope you enjoyed my video. And every time I end a class or a party, I do something called the Science loot with my kids, where you stick two fingers out, you put them out here, we put them to our head, and on three, we're going to say "Science Is Cool". 1, 2, 3, Science is cool.

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