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How to Make an Origami Rose

Learn how to make an origami rose with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an origami rose. The first step for the origami rose is a book fold. We're going to take the bottom edge up to the top. When you do this make sure that everything is nice and lined up so that there's no white showing. You get all edges to line up real nice and then flatten that down, open it back up and we're going to do the other way as well. So if you did the top to the bottom, now we're going to do the left to the right or side to side, so that once you open it back up, you've got a nice plus sign right there in the middle.

Next we're going to make what's called a blintz base. The blintz fold is where you take each of the corners and put it exactly into the center of the paper. Be very precise with this. Make sure that you can see exactly where that X is and fold each of these corners in. As you work your way around try and make sure that nothing overlaps, so that they all sort of butt up just nice and even next to each other. All four corners, we're going to be doing this, so that is one blintz fold.

Next we're going to do a second blintz fold. We have these new corners that we've created on all four corners. We're going to fold all of them into the center of the paper. This is also sometimes referred to as a double blintz base. Now we're going to make basically, what's going to turn into an even smaller little square. That's after doing the blintz base twice. Now we're going to do it a third time. So now go around and find all of these new corners and this is going to get a little tiny. There's a lot of paper in there, but go ahead and get that third corner to go all the way into the center of the paper just like so.

Okay, so after we've got the third blintz base and we've folded all the corners into the middle, go ahead and flip the entire model over, so we've got just a nice little, flat square there. We're going to make pleats on all four of the corners. The way we do that is we're going to fold, yet again each of these is going to fold exactly into the middle of the paper, but then once we fold it up we're going to fold it right back out at a little distance, so that's a pleat fold where it sort of zigzags. It goes up and then back down.

Then do that to all four corners. Fold it back up and then back down and that's going to make some nice little petals on the rose. The paper does have a lot of thickness to it, so you might have to force it a little more than you're used to but that is okay. We've got all of those nice and pleated, and then we're going to flip it back over, and now we're going to open the rose up. We're going to fold down all of these little squares, to get us our nice petals.

So each of these is going to open up, and there's one set that opens up, and then even more on the inside, there's another set that you can open up, to give you all kinds of petals here on the rose. We pick all of those little triangles, we're going to pick them up all the way down and then at the bottom, the absolute bottom there's one more set. This is going to open up and give us a nice little color change with the white just like that. Once you have all of those opened up, you can sort of shape the petals a little bit, to give you a really nice origami rose.

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