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How to Make an Origami Fox

Learn how to make an origami fox with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an easy origami animal. The example I'm going to make is, we're going to make an easy little fox. The first step for the origami fox is take the sheet of paper and we're going to use the white side up. We're going to fold it from the diagonal point, up to the other point. So make sure it's nice and lined up so that there's no white paper showing, where it's perfectly right on there. Get it as exact as you can, slide your finger down and then use another finger to hold it in place, and then slide out to the corner on each side, so you see how you have nice sharp corners right there on both sides.

Next we're going to take each of those corners and we're going to fold them up to the top of this triangle just like that, on one side and then also on the other side. Now flip the entire thing over and we're going to take the left side over to the right side. So go ahead and fold the whole thing in half just like that, so that gives you this shape, which kind of has a bit of a W look to it. What we're going to do is, we're going to take a finger and open up a panel, on the side of the fox. Now where you want to be you want to open up right in the middle of the fox.

So I'm going to fold this flap over at an angle just about like this, and instead of folding the entire panel over like that, I'm just going to fold these flaps over the one for the ear and then these two sheets of paper over, and you see how it creates a little pocket right there, where the head can come down. You keep an ear on both sides and then squish the head down like that and that gives you the head of the fox. And lastly, we're just going to fold a little triangle over for the tail, you can see how that makes a cute little easy origami animal. That's a nice little fox.

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