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How to Make an Origami Star

Learn how to make an origami star with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an origami star. The first step for the origami star is a diagonal fold. So take the paper, the white side up and then we're going to take the bottom point and get it right up the top point, where it's right on there. So make sure that it's very precise and there's no extra paper showing. Then slide your finger down, lock it in place and then go out to the corner, so it's nice and flat, everything's equal, so we get that nice diagonal fold.

Next step we're going to take these two corners and we're going to fold them up to the top of the triangle just like this. So from the outside edge up to the top, and they should meet right in the middle, where the two of them are sort of butted up right next to each other but not overlapping.
Next we're going to unfold those two guys and then go from the left side over to the right. So fold the whole thing in half, and that should cut that triangle down in half like that. Now we're going to rotate the paper around, so that these two openings are now on the top left corner, and what's going to happen is, we're going to fold this one flap over to the other side.

But the way we're going to do it is so that when it comes over, you can see this line right here is going to stay right on the center line. You can see how, if it was over to the side that edge, we want to get it where it lines up exactly, on the part that sticks out underneath it. So get that to line up and it should meet right there on the top as well, so do that on one side and then we're also going to do it on the other side. So go ahead and flip it over and then fold this flap over. Again they should match, but also see if you can get that line to go all the way through just like that.

Next there are two sheets of paper that are down here. There's one that's hidden on the inside and there's one that we can see on the outside. So what we're going to do is we're going to open it up and split those papers apart, and I'm going to take the one that's on the inside and I'm going to pick it up and then flatten it back out just like that. That's going to give us another point to work with over there on that side. Next we're going to fold this whole flap, that's right over here. We're going to fold it all the way up as far as it goes. It's going to go all the way back up, and this should look nice and symmetrical. In the next step we're going to fold it back down to this point, so that this point and this point are going to reconnect.

And lastly we're just going to fold this tip up about that far. And that's going to give us, you can see how the star point is going to peek out, right there on that side. So that's done for that side, and then flip it over and we're going to do the exact same two steps, we just did over there. So we're going to fold this tip down to this tip like that, and then lastly, we're going to fold that up like that, and that gets us the shape we need for the origami star.

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