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How to Make an Easy Origami Flower

Learn how to make an easy origami flower with this origami for beginners video from Howcast.


These are the instructions for an easy origami flower. The first step for the easy origami flower go ahead and grab a sheet of paper and we're going to make a diagonal fold with the white side up, and we're going to fold it so that it's nice and exact, so don't let there be any white paper showing. Just go ahead and fold it all the way up so it's nice and precise. Put a finger down there, and then slide your finger down, and then over to the side on both sides.

Open that back up, rotate it and then do the other side, the exact same step, so there's two diagonal folds. Open it up and flip it over, so now the color side is up. Now we're going to do two book folds. The book fold, we're going to take that bottom edge and bring it up to the top edge. And again, you want to be as precise as you can, nice and accurate. Fold that down, open it up, and then fold the other one, as well.

And after you've done that, go ahead and leave that fold down. We're going to pick up the paper and right where you see these lines, these crease lines right here, go ahead and put your hands, pinch it right behind near the top of that fold, and what we're going to do is we're going to bring both of our fingers and bring it together, so that all four corners are going to come up and touch each other, right there at the top. And then, go ahead and flatten that down to make the square base.

And we're not going to make any new creases, this is just using all the creases we've already made in the directions we've already put them. So nothing new is happening, we're just making a new orientation for how all the flaps fold together, and make sure that you have two flaps on one side and two flaps on the other, instead of having three on one side. Make sure that it's nice and even just like that.

Next put the paper down and you want to find out which side has these flaps, these excess flaps. You want to have that pointed away from you, so this is going to be the top of the model with the flaps. At the bottom of the model we're going to do two kite folds, so go ahead and take these two edges. We're going to fold them into the middle of the paper and it' going to line up right on that middle line. So go ahead and fold that on the left side, the right side and then also the back.

Flip it over and do the two sides on there as well, and when you do it on the back they should line up and everyone should match right there just like that. Next we're going to take the bottom of the paper and we're going to fold it up to the top just like this. There's a lot of flaps in there, but that's all right. Just go ahead and open that all the way up and squish it all the way down. Now the last step we're going to open the flower up.

So what we're going to do is go ahead and fold this flap back down and then what we want, we want to take one flap, just one flap of paper. There's a couple of them there, just take the one flap and fold it down, and then take the flap in the back and keep that on the ground. So it's going to spread these two other flaps right here, you're going to want to spread out. So go ahead, and put your finger inside of them, so you can squash them down, so you can flatten them down. And then once they're nice and flat, you can pick it up and look at it, and that's the easy origami flower.

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