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How to Make an Origami Cat

Learn how to make an origami cat with this origami video from Howcast.


First step for the origami cat, go ahead and pick out a sheet of paper. We start with the white side up, we make a diagonal fold. So go ahead and fold one corner all they way up to the top. Make sure that you get it as precise as you can, so fold it right all the way up right where they touch, go ahead and hold it down with one finger, then use your other finger to slide down. Make it nice and flat, then lock it in place, and then go out to each corner like that, gives you a nice diagonal fold just like that.

Next flip it over and what we're going to do is, we're going to fold one corner over, and try and get it where it touches right here on this outside edge, and it has a straight line across the back. Fold that down and then fold it right back up and the same thing on the other side. Go ahead and fold this down and right back up just like that. We're going to fold the bottom point and fold it up just about that far. Then flip it over and that is the face for an origami cat. And here you can draw some eyes, and a nose with some whiskers and a mouth.

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