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How to Make an Origami Dog

Learn how to make an origami dog with this origami video from Howcast.


The first step for the origami dog, grab a sheet a paper and we're going to start with the white side up. We're going to make a diagonal fold. So go ahead and get the two corners to touch, right on top of each other, so that there's no extra paper showing. Go ahead and slide your finger down and then hold it in place, then go out to each side just like that.

Now flip the whole paper over so the triangle's facing this way, and we're going to fold down one corner over here, for an ear and then we're going to fold down another corner over here, for another ear and leave some space between then, so we can have a little bit of a forehead for the dog. And then next we're going to fold up the triangle, one white triangle like that and then fold the other one backwards so that it hides in the back and there is an origami dog.

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