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How to Make an Origami Heart

Learn how to make an origami heart with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an origami heart. The first step to do an origami heart, grab your sheet of paper and we're going to make a book fold. So with the white side up take bottom edge, bring it all the way up to the top, so that they line up. Try to be as precise as you can and then flatten it down like that. Next open the paper up and we're going to fold one edge right up to that spot that we just made just like that. So this edge, now that goes into the middle, it's the one-fourth line, is what we just folded up, just like that.

Next flip the paper over and now we're going to fold the whole thing in half. So go ahead and take this side and bring it all the way over to the other side like this. Very nice and lined up, give it a good crease and then unfold that. And now we're going to take the bottom edge, we're gong to kite fold that, so it will make a nice little diagonal fold. It's going to come up right up along that middle line, so this whole edge right here at the bottom is going to line up exactly on that middle line. Get it as precise as you can on the left side and also on the right side, and then try not to have them overlap at all, make sure that they meet up nice and even right along that edge like that.

Flip it over and now we're going to fold these two edges into the middle as well, so both of these are going to line up right into that middle section like that. Next we're going to make two diagonal folds. We're going to fold the top left corner and the top right corner. We're going to fold both of those down, right into that middle spot on both sides like that. Now the next step is called a spread squash. What's going to happen is we're going to take the top point and we're going to fold it all the way down to the bottom point.

We're basically going to fold the entire thing in half, but there's a part on the back that's not going to be too happy about it. So what we want to do, go ahead and pick the entire model up and just fold the whole thing in half, all the flaps, all of everything. There's a couple extra-- these little panels right here-- juts go ahead and fold everything down, so that the whole thing just gets folded all the way in half, and now we've got these two extra panels right here.

Go ahead and spread them open like this, and it'll make a little triangle that we can squish down and flatten like that, and make sure when you do it, that this line right here is consistent all the way across. So don't squash it down like at this angle or a little bit up like at that angle, try and get it right in the middle. I'm going to do it on the left hand side and also on the right hand side.
Next just fold down just a little tip, right there in the top corner on that side and also on the opposite side just like that.

Now the last step is we've got two flaps right here. What we want to do is, we want to take this triangle, we want to pick it up, and you see how there's a pocket right here on the bottom triangle? We're going to take the top triangle and fit it underneath and inside that bottom triangle, so it locks in there and it stays nice and flat. Then once you pick it up, that's the last step; that is the origami heart.

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