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How to Make an Origami Snake

Learn how to make an origami snake with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an origami snake. The first step for the origami snake is a diagonal fold, so go ahead and start with the white side up and we're going to fold one corner to the other. Make sure that it's nice and precise. We want to be as exact as we can. Get those to line up right there, slide your finger down, lock it in place and make it nice and flat, and then fold it over to one side and then all the way over to the other side. Then open that back up.

After we have a nice diagonal fold, we're going to go with a kite fold. So the kite fold we're going to take this outside edge right here and this outside edge right here, and we're going to fold both of those into the middle, so they're going to line up right on that crease that we already made. So you can see how this one fits right on that crease. It's going to make a nice sharp point at the bottom. We're going to that on both sides right like this, like that.

Next we're going to fold the top parts down, we're going to do the exact same fold on the other side. So right here this is going to fold down and then right there. These are two more of the kite folds. See how those equal out, just like that. Now we're going to thin one more time. We're going to pick one of the sides, and we're going to thin one more time with another kite fold, right here. Then fold that down, and one more right there to thin that down.

Now this right here is going to be the regular base that we have for the snake. What we want to do is we want to fold it in half. Fold it in half just like that. So we're going to use the front part right here, this is going to be the head of the snake and this is going to be the tail, all the way down to the edge here. So what we want is we're going to make a series of pleats.

So go ahead and take the paper and we're going to fold it up and over for a head. When we do this, these are preliminary folds, so they're not actually going to be folded that way and stay that way. We're just going to use it so that we can make those creases right there, so we can use those later. So what's going to happen, go ahead and open the model back up to right here, and you can see those V's that we've made. That's where those preliminary creases are.

What's going to happen here is we're going to close it back up, but this time pushing this in the middle. So this is called an inside reverse fold. So I'll show you this from a few different angles. We're going to push it up from the bottom, and it's going to reverse this spine right here, which is right now a valley fold. You see how it makes a nice little valley.

When we push this up right here, it's going to reverse and now it's going to become a mountain fold, where it sort of points up that way. Then we push it under that way and then the same thing over here, we're going to push this down and that's going to give us the head, the head of the snake right there. I like to make a little fold right here, so he doesn't have such a pointy nose. For the snake just sort of fold that backwards inside and that gives it more of a blunted head.

Now there are a few different things you can do now with the snake. If you wanted you could even curl the tail like this, you could curl it around, and that could be your snake. That could be the entire tail or you could even make another series of pleat folds and inside reverse folds. So you could fold it up and fold it back down, like this all the way down the model.

And I'll show you what that looks like. I'm going to fold these up and down just like this, like that. And now once we open it up, we could do that same thing where we make these inside reverse folds. So it comes up like this and then back down, and then back up and back down all the way down the model. Once we have that that's a way to make a nice tail for the origami snake.

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