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How to Make an Origami Fish

Learn how to make an origami fish with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for an origami fish.

The first step for the origami fish is to pick out a sheet of paper. We're going to start with the white side up, and we're going to make a diagonal fold. Go ahead and fold the bottom point up to the top point. Just get it so they line up perfectly, so it's not off to one side either way. Just get it right on the center, nice and precise. Hold it down, and then slide your finger down so it's nice and flat. Then hold it in place with your other finger and slide out to one corner, slide out to the other corner.

Open it up. What we're going to do is 2 kite folds. The kite fold, is taking this edge right here and folding it into the middle, just like this. You see how this edge is going to come up and touch right into that center line that we just created. We're going to do it on the left-hand side and also on the right-hand side. Both of those are going to come down, and that is going to make a kite base. We're going to open those 2 back up. Then we're going to do the same thing on the top of the paper. This time, these kite folds are now going to go into the center from the top edge, just like this. It's going to make a nice sharp point there at the top again. Right like that. Like that.

The next step is called a rabbit ear fold. A rabbit ear fold, what happens is we folded it this flap over this way and we unfolded it. Then we folded this flap over this way. What we're going to do is we're going to fold both of those flaps down at the same time. This one comes in and this one comes in. They both come in simultaneously, right at the same time, and that's going to work its way up to make this little extra flap right here; this little fin right there. Make sure that that lines up to a nice sharp point there, as well. Then fold it up to one side. We're going to do the same thing on this side, so we fold this flap in and this flap in at the same time. As they work their way up, that's going to make that extra fin, just like that. This is actually called the fish base because a lot of origami fish come from right here. That's what we want right there.

We flip it over. We're going to take the bottom point and fold it up along that line, a little bit less than halfway. Halfway would be right up here. I'm folding it down from halfway, like that. Next step, we're going to fold it half from the left-hand side over to the right-hand side, all the way over, like this. This gives us most of the body for the fish. If we hold him up this way, you can see that we've got the little fins right there for the fish, and then we've got a tail right here. What we're going to do is we're going to fold the tail up. Just take whatever corner you want, whatever angle you want, just fold it up at that angle, like that. That's going to be a regular valley fold right there, but we're going to open it up from the top and do an inside reverse fold, where we're going to open this up and push the bottom of that tail up through the inside of the body. Instead of the tail folding in front, or even if it was going to fold behind, what's going to happen is it's going to open it up and this is going to go in the middle. When that goes up in the middle, it reverses the spine of the paper right here; this spine which is now folded out like a mountain fold is now going to switch into a valley fold when it goes up like that. That's the tail. The last step is we're going to fold this down for these fins. We do that on both sides. That is your origami fish.

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