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How to Make an Origami Boat

Learn how to make an origami boat with this origami video from Howcast.


This is a video for creating an origami boat.

The first step for the origami boat is we're going to take a sheet of paper and we're going to start with the white side up, we're going to make a book fold. So go ahead and start. We're going to take this bottom edge and fold it all the way up to the top edge. Again, try to make sure that everything lines up nice and perfect so there's no extra white paper showing. Get it nice and precise right up there and then make a nice crease fold on that.

Now open it back up. What we're going to do now is we're going to fold both of the outside edges into the middle. This is called a cabinet fold where these two outside edges are going to come right into the middle. Right like this. Crease that down.

The same thing on the other side. They should butt right up against each other. Try not to have them overlap. They should be nice and happy. And you see how they open up like cabinet doors. That's why it's called that.

Next we're going to fold down all four corners. There's four corners on here and we're going to fold each of them down into the middle. Think of this edge right here lining up against the center. Fold that one down. And this one as well. And then also these two at the bottom. Again, we will try and make sure that none of them overlap, we want to have them meet up right against each other, like that.

Next we're going to do two kite folds. We're going to fold these two edges of the triangle down. We're going to keep folding them until they go right up into that center line again. We do that on the left. And we do that on the right. Like that.

We're also going to do that on the bottom two sides, the bottom left and the bottom right. But what happens here when we do these is that it's going to overlap a little bit with this other spot. That's Okay, that's all right. We'll let that happen. So go ahead and fold that next one over as well. You see how they do overlap a little bit there.

Next we're going to take these two points, these outside points and we're going to fold them into the middle. So it'll come down like that. The second one will come over and meet the other one right at the same spot. This is the base to start off with for the boat.

Next we're going to fold the whole thing in half backwards. So go ahead and break it in half and fold it down the halfway line. In that direction, just like this.

There's a couple of different flaps in the middle. What we want to do is open it up to one of the sides. You can either have it, where there's three flaps, you can have the center one on the left or the right. It doesn't really matter. So go ahead and open it up so that where you can see all either color or no color. In this case it's white. All like that. What we're going to do is we're going to keep that flap flattened on the side and we're going to pop this whole thing inside out.

What I like to do, if you look at it from the bottom, go ahead and take your thumb, or some other finger, and push on this point. You see how it's sort of got a little bit of a bump right there? Go ahead and push on that until it pop inside out. Just like that. Do that on the top and the bottom. And then these pop inside out.

Now when you collapse the boat again, this time it's white with the color on the inside. And then for the last step, what we're going to do, if you look in the center of the boat there's a couple different flaps of paper. There's these two little triangles, what you want to do is with the left hand side go ahead and grab one sheet of paper and the triangle, leaving the big white flap behind. We're going to grab those two and then on the other hand we're going to pinch these two flaps right here. I'm going to pull them apart like this and then push right here on this spot, this spot is pointed out and just like when we flipped it inside out the other way, we're going to flip that inside out on that side and then also on this side.

That creates the origami boat. Here's the finished origami boat.

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