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How to Make an Origami Panda

Learn how to make an origami panda with this origami video from Howcast.


So these are the instructions for an origami panda.

So for the origami panda, go ahead and grab a sheet of paper. We're going to start with a book fold. So go ahead and start with the color side up, and we are going to fold that one side of the bottom all the way up to the top. And make sure that they're nice and lined up so that they're even and there's nothing extra on there. And then flatten it out and give it a good crease. And then we're going to open it up and rotate it over.

And what we're going to do is we're going to fold this top edge down along that center line. And we're going to do that on the top side, on the top left, and we're also doing it on the top right. So go ahead and fold this down, right where it meets the center. But the one thing we want to do is to make this so that there's a tiny sliver of color in the middle. So I'll show you what this looks like when we get done. It's going to look like this. So there will be an intentional little black sliver right there, and that little bit right there, that's going to be the nose that we're going to have. So it's important that we have it where it's a little bit apart but they both meet right on that line.

Go ahead and flip it over. And then we're going to take these other two corners, and we're going to fold these down exactly onto that center line. So this is where these, there's going to be no extra spot here. That's going to fit right into the center, right up against each other, just like that.

Next, we're going to flip it over, and we're going to fold this edge right here into the center. And what happens is, you'll notice, right when I was doing this, that black panel's going to pop out. And that's all right. We want to leave that panel out. So go ahead and fold this right into the center line and leave that panel coming out. So I'm going to fold the same thing over here, where this comes over into the center. And there's just a little bit where they meet right in the middle; there's no extra space right in there.

Next, we're going to take this top point, and we're going to fold it all the way down. And what it's going to do is it's going to divide this whole square in half. Fold it down like that. Next, we're going to fold this triangle. Fold it down so that this edge right here, this flat side right here, is going to lie on that line. And it goes up to that spot where this triangle forms. We're going to do that on both sides.

And then we're going to open those back up, and we're going to do what's called a squash fold. We're going to open this flap up so that, using these creases, we're going to make this a mountain fold right here. And it squashes the whole thing down. So it started over here like this, and we squash this down along those lines. So open this up again, over here, and we'll do the same thing on this side. And push it down where it squashes over to that side, just like that.

Next, we're going to fold it up, like that. These are going to be the ears. We're going to fold these two up on both sides, just like that. Next, we're going to unfold this entire flap. So we had it down here like this with the ears. We're going to unfold the whole thing, and now, we're going to make a little kite fold. We're going to fold this edge over. And it's from this center line, right here, where we folded this down, that's where that starts. And it comes down, and it just gives us enough so that this line right here, think about that as being in a straight line across the edge. So do that on the left side and the right side, like that.

And now we're going to make a little tuck. We're going to take that little bit, and so it's not so pointed, we're going to fold it behind, just a little bit. And that's going to make the eyes of the panda, just like that.

And once we have that, we're going to refold this back down. And you can see the ears pop back up again, like that. Flip the entire panda over, and then fold this top bar down as far as it goes so that you still have this top point sticking up. We just fold this down from corner to corner. That's how far down it's going to go, like that. And flip it back over.

And next, we're going to fold the bottom up about to there. There's no exact spot, but we fold it up to there, and then, when you bring this back down, that's where you'll see the nose come out on the panda. And what's nice about this is if you can get this to tuck under. That'll keep that panel locked in underneath the nose, like that.

And the next step, we're just going to round the face a little bit. So go ahead and fold this backwards a little bit. That'll lock in the face, and that'll also make it a little bit more round. We'll do that on the left-hand side and the right-hand side, just enough for however it looks good for you, however you like it.

And that is the origami panda face.

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