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How to Make an Origami Samurai Helmet

Learn how to make an origami samurai helmet with this origami video from Howcast.


These are the instructions for an Origami Samurai Helmet. For the Origami Samurai Helmet, we start with a regular sheet of paper and with the white side up.

So, with the white side up, we're going to take the bottom corner, I'm going to fold it all the way up to the top corner. This is a diagonal fold. So, make sure that there's no white showing. Try and get the entire thing lined up so that it's in the right spot.

And then, lock it in by sliding, with your other hand down, using your thumb to hold the place and then going out to the corner in either direction, just like that. Gives it a nice good diagonal crease.

Next, we're going to take both of these corners and fold them up to the top point. So, go ahead and get it where it lines up exactly right on it. Fold that over and the same thing here. What you don't want to do is have these overlap at all. We want to have them where they're right up against each other, but they don't overlap at all.

We're going to fold the top point. We're going to fold that down. And, that's going to go right to here, right to the bottom point now, there and also right there.

Now, I'm going to rotate the entire model around. This is going to be the top of the samurai helmet, right here on the top. So, these two are going to be the horns. I'm going to take this point right here. I'm going to rotate it and point it out to the side, just like that, on one side and also on the other side, both of those in opposite directions. And that gives the horns.

Next, we're going to take, there's two sheets of paper here at the bottom. I'm going to take just the top sheet, and I'm going to fold it up to about the middle of the triangle, so right about there. That's good. And then, go ahead and crease it.

Next, we're going to take this bottom edge we just created, that crease we just made, and I'm going to roll it up. I'm going to roll it all the way up, as high as it goes, so I have a little brim to the hat, a little white brim at the bottom and a little triangle right there. Give that a good crease.

And next, you're going to have to pick up the sheet a little bit. This is, sort of, a 3D step. I'm going to take the next sheet, the back sheet, and I'm going to push it all the way inside.

If you look at it from the top, there's this pocket right here. There's a pocket right there. I'm going to take this sheet, and I'm going to feed it all the way inside the model. So, I'm going to push it all the way up.

Just take your fingers and, sort of, roll it up. Roll it up as far as it will go so it goes all the way up into the top. You can open it up again, and that is the Origami Samurai Helmet.

Another fun thing about the samurai helmet, if you push on these two edges until they collapse, it turns into a goldfish.

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