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How to Make an Origami Penis

Learn how to make an origami penis with this origami video from Howcast.


So these are the instructions for the origami penis and balls. So the first step for the origami penis is we're going to make a book fold, so it's going to start with the white side up. We want to take the bottom edge up to the top edge, make sure that it lines and precisely, and then make a good crease fold. Open that up and then do the book fold, just like this.

What we're going to do is we're going to make an 8 x 8 grid all the way across. So the next step we're going to fold the bottom edge into the center like that and we're going to do it on both sides, and try not to make these put on top of each other at all. Make it so that they come right up against each other without overlapping. We're going to open it up. Now in order to get this one to go in half, we're going to take the bottom edge and we're going to take it up to the quarter line up on the top.

We're going open that one up, and then take the bottom up to this line, this one-quarter line. And you'll see how we divided the bottom half into fourths, we have equal eighths right there. I'm going to rotate it over and do the same thing up here. Make sure that when you do it on the other side, that you're just going up to the fourth line and not that eighth line.

Fold that one in half and then fold this one up to the bottom like that. Open it up and then we're going to rotate it to the side, and now we're going to divide this into fourths as well. So go ahead and take the bottom edge there, fold that up to the middle, and then open it up. One more time there, that'll give you the fourth line.

Then in order to cut this one in half, try and take note of where the halfway line is right there, and sort of see if you can get it to connect. You see right there how those two lines are on top of each other, and then rotate it over until they're right on top. You can see right over here, as well. We're going to get these two edges to line up together, just like that.

All right, next we're going to fold this one up and make that one leave. We fold the bottom edge up to the center line. We leave that one there and flip the model over. Now we're going to make a diagonal fold that's three blocks in. So take the bottom edge right here, fold it up to the top of the this line right, so there's still five units on that side. Fold that one over and do the same thing on this side like that.

And then we're going to open those two up, flip it back over, and then open this up. This V right here is the line that we're going to use. I'm going to fold three units over, and then use that V, fold that up and squash it down like that. So I'll show you again from here. We're going to use this line right here, this line right here, and this line coming across.

We're going to take three units, we're going to come over. We're going to use that diagonal to fold it up and that'll squash down like that. Next we're going to use this line right here on the one-third line, and we're going to inside reverse fold it, back this way. So fold it over like that, so it starts over here like this, and then it pushes through and folds over like that.

Now we're going to repeat the same thing on this side. So if this was over we'd take the three units over, fold those three units over like that, using that fold and that crease folds over. Then the one-third line right here is going to inside reverse fold back the opposite direction. And if you've done that correctly, what'll happen is these two edges will line up right next to each other.

Next we're going to fold this top unit down, and the way this works is go ahead and pinch this whole square right here, go ahead and pinch that whole square. Fold the whole thing down over the edge and then this side panel will swing over in response. Go ahead and do that on both sides. Fold this one down as well and that will thin the top like that.

Next we're going to fold the top up, after this has come down, and we're going to use both of these little squares, we're going to fold those triangles down, and fold the whole thing back down. We're going to do that on the left side, also the right hand side, and this will come down like that, as well.

After that we're going to take the bottom edge, fold that up to right about here, you can see how it lines up with the next line right there, and then we're going to fold this triangle flap, fold that down on both sides right over the top. And then once we have the triangle flap folded over, open it back up and then turn that into a squash fold, and that'll give you the full shape on the front.

Open it up there on the other side there as well like that. And then after you have that, you have a little bit of shaping that's left to do. So instead of having these sharp corners, we're going to round these, so that they will be more spherical on the top, the left, and the bottom. All the way around and then at this point, like it's those set up properly, and then we're going to work on the top. Go ahead and make just a little pleat fold right there, about one unit down, and then as tiny a little pleat fold as you can.

We're going to fold that over and then flip the model over, and thin this edge over a bit. It'll stretch over, and it'll make a little bit of a stretch fold of a squash, and that'll thin the center, so that the tip has a little bit more thickness to it like. Then shape to taste like that. There should be just a little bit of an action right there, for the origami penis and balls.

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