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How to Fold a Napkin into a Necktie

Learn how to fold a napkin into a necktie with the napkin folding instructions in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to learn how to make a necktie.

So what we're going to do is start off with this slate gray elegant napkin and we're going to turn it around to the underside. Actually, let's turn it on to its diagonal.

To create the tie shape, we're going to fold diagonally in. We're going to take your left corner in, we will fold across, to almost half way in between this side. We're going to do the same with the other one, and fold that across.

Okay. So then, we're going to fold in to the center on the left and the right again. You can see we're simulating the necktie.

So then you're going to take your point up here at the top, probably about three inches down, and you're going to fold it over to the side.

Then we're going to flip your tie over, and then this corner we're going to bring around to create the top of the necktie.

Then what we're going to do is tuck it under, actually just tuck it underneath the backside. Now you have your long necktie. We're going to transfer it over to this dish.

And this is how you fold a necktie napkin.

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