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How to Fold a Napkin into a Leaf

Learn how to fold a napkin into a leaf with the napkin folding instructions in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to fold a leaf, and basically achieve this with really crisp edges and veins of the leaf. We're going to create an accordion fold.

Right now, I have this pre-ironed and starched. Start at one end, and you accordion fold upright. You're just pinching, folding forward and back as you go down the length of the napkin.

When you come to the end of your accordion fold, what you're going to want to do to achieve these really crisp folds is, take an iron. You're going to heat up your iron, and make sure you check the fabric settings on your napkin, and you can starch it. You can spray starch it. And then you're going to drag an iron back and forth on this big stack. And you can go in between some of the folds, if you feel like you really need to get them crisp. We're going to iron that, and we're going to put it on the stack. We're going to pinch it in the middle here.

We're going to fan it up, to the center. You're going to pinch it down here at the base. We're actually going to put a napkin ring at the base of it. We'll slip on a napkin ring, and we'll place it on our plate.

And if we wanted to accent it with a flower, we could actually take a flower, have them here, they're a beautiful bouquet. Pick off one, and you can apply it right on top of the napkin ring.

And that's how you make a leaf napkin.

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