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How to Fold a Napkin into a French Pleat

Learn how to fold a napkin into a French pleat with the napkin folding instructions in this Howcast video.


This is a traditional table setting, and this is called the French pleat.

We're going to start off with your white, crisp napkin. We're going to fold it in half, and then we're going to fold it in half again, to create a square.

Then you're going to take this corner, and you're going to bring it back. It's almost as if you're peeling back the layers. And then, one by one, each layer, you're going to fold and make pretty much another triangle down. For each one, just tuck it in. So, you have these beautiful folds here. And this is where we're going to insert the fork, the spoon, and the knife.

We're going to flip this around. We're going to fold up the left edge. And you'll just see a hint of the triangles here. Then we're going to fold the right side over. And again, you should just have a sliver of the other side of the napkin.

And then we're going to flip it around. And we have three nice pockets here, to insert our silverware. We'll bring over the dish. We'll stick the knife in. We'll tuck the fork in. And the spoon.

And that's how you fold a French pleat.

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