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How to Fold a Napkin into a Fleur de Lis

Learn how to fold a napkin into a fleur de lis with the napkin folding instructions in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to fold the fleur de lis.

Take our square napkin, this s a pretty blue, we're going to fold it in half. Then we're going to take both corners, you're going to see the center line here, you're going to raise them up until you create a triangle.

Then we're going to take these two flaps, and then raise them back down. Basically pulling them back down to create a diamond shape.

Then, we're going to flip out these triangles, and then tie them, then I have this fleur de lis napkin ring holder that we're going to insert on. We're going to pinch this in the middle here for this base of the fleur. Then we're going to insert the napkin ring right on it, and then we'll put it atop our plates.

That's how you fold a fleur de lis.

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