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How to Fold a Napkin into a Tuxedo

Learn how to fold a napkin into a tuxedo with the napkin folding instructions in this Howcast video.


So now we're going to start folding the tuxedo napkin and this is a really fun, exciting one, because we have even a little dress shirt that we can insert in to complete the whole look. So we are going to start off with our square and we're going to fold a triangle. Then we're going to fold about a one and a half inch jacket lapel here. It's upwards and then we're going to flip the napkin towards ourselves.

Then we're going to take the corners down to meet the bottom corner and you can tell that the jacket lapel here is already forming. So to insert, before we do the final folds, we're going to show how to make the dress shirt. So I just took an eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper. Folded it in half, tucked back the corners here, and I'm going to fold down the top corners to give you that collar. This is just a strip of paper with little dots for buttons, and then I drew a little bow tie.

You can just tape that down right here. So now that we have the dress shirt made we're going to insert it into the jacket. So we're going to just tuck it into the top here and we're going to fold back the right and the left corners. Then we're going to take the bottom here and we're going to fold that back and under as well, and you end up with an adorable dinner jacket. So now we're going to transfer the tuxedo jacket onto the plate. You can fix the dress shirt a little bit, and that's how you fold a tuxedo napkin.

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