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How to Fold Napkins with Jessie Kaye

Learn about Jessie Kaye, one of Howcast's napkin-folding experts, in this video.


Hi, I'm Jessie Kaye and no, I am not a professional napkin folder but I do have a love for origami, and I apply that to napkins. My husband and I love to entertain and have guests over and I love to dress up table settings, so that was a natural segue into combining origami, my love of folding and the art of Japanese folding and entertaining.

So I've had a lot of experience and practice with origami. I started on this branding project for Questlove From the Roots and he wanted me to design a heart for Questlove. And this band with a question mark gets wrapped around his branded chicken. So from there, I was commissioned to make about 5000 over the whole year.

Along with some help, I've folded about 5000 of these hearts, and have gotten my fingers definitely deep into the folds. So if you want to learn more about me and about what I do, you can visit my website. It's www.hijessiekaye, my name,, and from there you could shoot me an email and we could possibly collaborate on a project.

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