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10 Steps to Bread Making

Learn the 10 steps to bread making in this Howcast video.


Okay, so there are 10 steps to making bread and I'm going the run through them very quickly. The first step is mixing your preferment. So any type of sourdough starter, any type of Poolish, any kind of sponge that gets made first. The next step is mixing, that's where you combine all of your ingredients, and you mix them together to begin the fermentation process.

The third step is fermentation. That's the first step, in terms of the yeast feeding on the damaged starches and sugars in the dough. After fermentation comes dividing and you would divide your dough. Then you pre-shape your dough. Then after you pre-shape, you usually let your dough rest for about 20 minutes, and then you shape your dough.

After you're done shaping your dough, what you want to do is proof your dough. You can proof your dough in the refrigerator, that's called retardation. You can proof the dough for an hour or two at room temperature. Proofing is that second rise, until you see that the dough is doubled in size, for example.

After proofing you're going to bake your bread and after you bake your bread, you're going to let it cool down, and while it is cooling down, you should hear almost like a singing for a lot of breads, that crisp, crackling sound. After your bread cools down, you can enjoy your bread, and those are the 10 steps to making bread.

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