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Home Bread Making Techniques

Learn about different home bread making techniques in this Howcast video.


When you're baking bread at home, there are a couple of ways to simulate baking your bread in a professional oven, and my favorite technique is to use a dutch oven. When you're baking bread, you want to give that bread some steam in the beginning. And as the loaf of bread bakes in the dutch oven it releases the steam, but then it's enclosed, and so it steams the bread and it creates this really, really beautiful crumb structure. And a dutch oven works specifically well for round loaves. If you have like an oblong shaped dutch oven, that would be great for a baguette.

If you don't have a dutch oven or if you're doing shapes that you can't use a dutch oven for, my next favorite way is to use pizza stone or pizza tiles. And then my most favorite way is to take a broiler pan, put it in the bottom of your oven, put your pizza stone up one level on a rack, take about a cup of water,it doesn't have to be cold water it can be near boiling water, and very, very carefully pour it into the bottom of that broiler pan and that will create a steam environment for your bread. Load your bread directly onto the pizza stone and then spritz it with steam from a spray bottle for the first five minutes of the bake. So when I spritz the bread in the oven what I do is, first I set my oven temperature.

My oven's been preheated to 500 degrees, and then I've got a broiler pan underneath filled with some water and then I load the bread in, and I spritz the bread throughout a five minute period of time, the first five minutes of the bake. So I spritz the bread, directly onto the bread I spritz for time zero, as soon as I load the bread into the oven. Then I spritz again at time two and a half minutes. I spritz, spritz, spritz onto the bread, and then I wait until the five minute mark and I spritz again. And then I'm done with the steam. I close the door. Then after the first five minutes of the bake, don't open the oven again, until you're ready to check and rotate the bread after about 20 minutes. Those are my favorite ways to bake bread at home that always yield results that resemble those of a professional oven.

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