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How to Make a Crusty Bread

Learn how to make a crusty bread in this bread making video from Howcast.


Okay, so how do you make a crustier bread? First, you have to talk about how do you make bread with a crust on it and what kinds of crusts you're looking for.The best bread that makes a crusty bread is one that's been slowly fermented or retarded overnight in the refrigerator, so that's number one. Number two is make a bread that doesn't contain any fat in it, so make a baguette dough or make a sourdough bread.

Something that's a straight dough that doesn't have fat in it,and that you retard overnight in your refrigerator. That causes a reaction in the bread, and it basically allows the bread to develop a thicker crust in the oven. The third way to make a crustier bread is definitely by steaming the bread and providing some steam for the bread

It's also another way to make a crustier bread is to have a bigger loaf of bread, where you need a longer period of time in the oven to dry it out in the inside, but then that sort of permits the outside crust to get crustier. But to me, really what makes a crustier bread is proper fermentation and a long fermentation, to me the longer fermentation, the crustier your bread is going to be.

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