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How to Add Fruit or Nuts to Bread Dough

Learn how to add fruit or nuts to bread dough in this bread making video from Howcast.


Okay, I'm going to show you how to add olives into your bread dough and I've already kneaded this dough, and so you could add olives. You could replace the olives and add nuts or fruits. Basically, whatever you want you can add in to your dough, but don't add it in until your dough has been developed and kneaded, and so I've kneaded this dough and I have 1000 grams of dough and I'm going to add in about 250 grams of olives.

Since my dough is already kneaded I'm just going to work the olives in, and again you could do this with fruits or with nuts. If you're going to use fruits if you're going to use raisins or currants, my favorite way is to soak the raisins in warm water for about five minutes, then drain them off, and then add them to the dough, so that the dried fruit is not taking moisture out of the dough.

I'm not adjusting the salt on my dough, even though the olives are salty, only because I like a bit of salt in my dough. I'm sort of squeezing the olives in and I'm also kneading them, and they'll break down a little bit. You can see a little bit of the black flecks of the olives and that's okay. I'm just working the olives into my dough. Once my olives are mostly worked into my dough, my dough should look like this. You can see that the olives have broken down a little bit and that's okay.

Whatever your bread recipe is if it's; in this case it's a baguette dough; if it's a sourdough, follow the recipe instructions for the fermentation. Adding the fruit or the nuts doesn't necessarily change the fermentation time. It will change the consistency of the dough, but it doesn't necessarily change the fermentation time. For example, we added these olives into the baguette dough. We're still going to ferment our baguette dough for two hours. If it was a sourdough, we would still ferment our sourdough for two and a half hours or three hours.

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