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How to Keep Bread Fresh Longer

Learn how to keep homemade bread fresh longer in this bread making video from Howcast.


The way I like to keep my bread at home, so that it lasts longer what I always, always do is I always freeze it. I don't refrigerate the bread at all and I generally don't leave my bread sitting out at room temperature.The first thing I do is I let my bread cool down. I usually make two loaves. I have one to eat and one for later and what I do with that bread that I want to save is I slice it, I put the sliced pieces in a Ziplock bag and then I put that Ziplock bag into some type of paper bag. When I need my bread I grab it from the freezer.

Occasionally I'll microwave it for maybe 10 seconds, just to sort of thaw the slices apart from each other and then I toast the bread or I would grill the bread. That's my favorite way to make the bread last longer. I also will freeze whole loaves of bread and then I will basically give them a really quick thaw in my oven, for 5 minutes at 350 degrees. Then I let the rest of the bread come up to room temperature and I use it that way, but I generally love to toast my bread that I'm trying to save. That's just a very few points and tips on how I like to make the bread last longer.

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