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California King Snake vs. Corn Snake

Learn about the pros and cons of California king snakes vs. corn snakes in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


What I've got in my hand here is a California king snake and the differences and the similarities between these and corn snakes, quite frankly there are a lot more similarities than there are differences. They are actually both constrictors. One of the differences is that a corn snake is more related to a rat snake, whereas the king snake is more closely related to the milk snake. But they really are, basically they're constrictors. They're wonderful, docile snakes.

The king snake here if you notice, is banded. The band sometimes can resemble, especially in our kings and our milk snakes, they'll have the black, yellow and red bands. And if you are aware, coral snakes, which are dangerous have the same coloring. It's important to know that if the yellow band touches the red band, it's a coral snake. But if the red band is touched by a black band then you have a king snake and you can handle him freely, as we are.

Now for corn snakes they normally have a beautiful marbled appearance. They come in many different colors and morphs now, and they're both wonderful, wonderful snakes to keep. They'll grow to probably a length of four feet, anywhere from three to six feet. This guy can sometimes get to about seven, Whereas the corn snake normally is a little bit smaller, and four to five feet is normally the average.

They both require the same environments, and they both basically eat the same. They're carnivorous, and small mammals, mice are really the way to go for them, and that's the similarities and differences between a corn snake and a king snake.

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