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California King Snake vs. Ball Python

Learn about the pros and cons of California king snakes vs. ball pythons in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


The differences between a California king snake and a ball python sometimes can be significant. I think the biggest thing is that although they are both constrictors, the ball python, although it won't get as long as a king snake the girth, the size of the snake will be significantly different. These guys can sometimes get between four and seven feet long. This nice friendly guy here's that crawling on my arm, he will live up to anywhere from 10 to 20 years, sometimes up to 25 years.

A ball python on the other hand has been known to live 40 to 47 years. They had one at the Philadelphia zoo that lived 47.5 years, one of the longest living snakes that they know. The other difference is these guys come from anywhere in the United States, northern America. Their environment requires a little less heat and humidity.

Ball pythons will require a little bit higher of a heat. They come from a more tropical environment. The ball python you find in the savannas in Africa. Their diet is basically the same, they are carnivorous. This guy here will eat small mice. The ball python will eat larger mice, rats. But I think that what you'll find is that both of these snakes are actually good snakes to have, because they are both docile, and those are the similarities and differences of a king snake and a ball python.

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