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What Big Snakes Make Good Pets?

Learn what kinds of big snakes make good pets in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


What big snakes make good pets? Well, this guy that I'm holding in my hand right now is probably one of your better ones. This is called a ball python. Now he doesn't get big, in a sense that he only gets about five feet long, sometimes a little bit more than that. They will get quite large in girth, but they're probably one of the more docile in terms of the larger snakes. So especially for a beginner, this is the way to go.

Now they're called ball pythons, because as you've noticed this guy is starting to ball himself up. It's a defense mechanism and if he was really afraid, he would ball up to a point where his head would actually be in the middle, to be protected. Other pythons you have to realize they can make very, very good pets, but you're need to be a little more experienced, because your Burmese and your reticulated, those snakes can get quite large, and what I mean by large is 15-20 feet.

One of the largest snakes in length is a reticulated and he was 33 feet long. Can you imagine that? They are a little bit more feisty and I wouldn't recommend them as pets. But for the larger snakes, this guy here is a pretty good one. Look how docile he is. You also have boa constrictors. The constrictors are very good pets and they can live quite long. This guy here will live up to 40 years. A constrictor can live anywhere from 20 to sometimes 30, they've had them 35 years. So if you're going to get these big guys be ready, because you're going to have them for a long time.

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