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How to Feed a Snake Live Food

Learn how to feed a snake live food in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


Tips on feeding snakes live food. The first tip I can give you is don't do it if you don't have to. Now why is that? These guys out in the wild eat live bait. Yes, they do. But in the wild if they miss or they're not interested in eating, they can run away. They can slide away and burrow away from their food. In a terrarium this guy is in a small confined area and if he's not eating that mouse, the mouse can be eating him.

One of the most common things that happens is they'll start nibbling on the snake and cause some significant damage. So my first recommendation to you is don't feed live bait. Now sometimes snakes can be very finicky, especially initially, when get them and won't go after dead bait. But I promise you if you persist, they will learn to eat dead bait. So the only time that I really would agree that you should go with live bait is if you've got a snake that just won't eat dead bait initially, then you go with the live bait.

If you have to feed live bait, you don't just put them in the terrarium and leave them. It's very important that within the first few minutes, if that snake doesn't show interest and eat that bait it's not going to. Do not leave that bait, the mouse or a small rat in the cage because you're very, very likely that this poor guy is going to get damaged. So my recommendation if you have to, you need to supervise and if not, let's teach these snakes how to take the dead bait, they'll do it readily.

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