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How to Keep a Proper Temperature for a Snake

Learn how to maintain a proper temperature for your snake in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


It's very important to understand that our snakes are ectothermic. They're cold-blooded and they need heat sources for their digestion, for their immune system. So when you set up your terrarium, it is very important that on one side we have a basking area or a heat area that should be high 80's to low 90's, and then a cooler area that can be anywhere from 75 to mid-80's and that really all depends on your snake.

This king snake it can be a little bit cooler. For pythons and your constrictors it should be a little bit higher in the high 80's and low 90's. It's very important to be able to monitor it, because actually too much heat is more detrimental than too little heat in some snakes. And what you do is is you get yourself a thermometer and remember that the snakes are living on the bottom.

Now if you have arboreal snakes, then you should have one at the bottom and one at the top. So you know the temperature of where the snake actually is. So in the heated area, you want it high 80's, in the lower area 75 to low 80's. You can use a heat tape underneath, to keep a consistent heat underneath. You could also use heat lamps or the ceramic lamps that go on top of the terrariums.

It is very important with those that you have a spacer or a screen to where the snakes cannot make contact, cannot get close to them, because unfortunately these guys will burn themselves. So it's very important that they have the proper heat gradient and that you take care that they don't hurt themselves. There's a few helpful hints on heat for your snakes.

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