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How to Light a Snake Tank

Learn how to properly light a snake tank in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


Proper lighting for our snakes and like the king snake that I have in my hand, is very important. And one thing that's very important to realize is is that the sun goes down in real life, so the sun really should go down for our snakes, as well. Having heat lights and general lights, whether they be fluorescent or incandescent is fine.

Be very conscious of the wattage of the light bulb that you use, because humidity is important and if there is too much light or too much heat produced by those lights, you can lose your humidity or you can actually increase the humidity to too high of a level, because of evaporation and cause a snake like this to get sick, if it goes up above 80%.

So using lights for snakes the first that is most important is for heat and for general light during the day. A king snake, corn snake, your milk snakes that come really from a moderate climate, the light that they get from normal sunlight is great. The debate is still on, on whether they really need ultraviolet light. The general belief is that they do not, so you don't need an ultraviolet light like you do for your lizards, and you don't really need a night light or a black light.

So be very conscious that the light is there for heat purposes, for general light purposes during the day, and be very aware that you need to monitor the heat that they produce and the affect they have on the humidity of the terrarium. There are a few helpful hints for your lighting for your snakes.

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