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How Much Water Does a Snake Need?

Find out how much water a snake needs in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


Yes, all of our pet snakes need water, and of the easiest ways of supplying that water is, is in your terrarium, you should actually have a basin. And that basin should have just enough water that it covers the snake and it is very important not only will they drink from it, they also take moisture from the bait that they eat, but they'll drink from it. It helps with their digestion. It helps with them going to the bathroom.

It also actually helps when it's time to shed. It helps keep the humidity that is important in the terrain. So yes, all of our pet snakes need water, and the simplest and easiest way to apply water to your snakes is to have the basin. And for the quality of the water I think major consensus is, if the water is safe enough for you to drink, it's good enough for your snake. So do we need bottled water distilled water, which are common questions? I think that answer is no. You need to be careful in urban areas where their are a lot of chemicals in the water, but even still, if it's safe enough for you to drink it, it is safe enough for this little guy to drink.

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