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Why Snakes Shed Their Skin

Learn why snakes shed their skin in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


Our snakes shed because they are growing. What happens is is they literally will grow through their old skin. They'll shed much more frequently when they are younger and snakes will shed all in one piece normally, whereas lizards many times you'll get the shed in pieces. The snake also has spectacles over their eyes or eye caps, so just before they are ready to shed you'll actually notice that their eyes will be a grayish or a silver.

Then shortly thereafter the color of snake will get duller and the reason for it is, the skin is actually starting to separate from the snake. The snake will need an area where they can actually get in and rub to get the skin off. A shed box is very easy to make. You normally will use peat moss or sphagnum moss. It needs to be moist and you put it into a shed box. It has got a little hole on it. They will go in. It should be just big enough for them to crawl around in, and it gives us enough humidity to where it moistens it and allows it to slip off, and there is some basic information on how a snake will shed.

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