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3 Biggest Snakes in the World

Learn what are the three biggest snakes in the world in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


What are the biggest snakes in the world?

Well, probably the biggest is in the boa constrictor family, not this guy by any means, but his bigger cousin the anaconda is the biggest by length and girth. The longest snake is a reticulated python.

Now for Anacondas, the biggest one measured was about 28 feet, but the girth was 44 inches, and the estimated weight was over 500 pounds.

For a reticulated python, the longest snake was 33 feet, can you imagine. But the reticulated pythons are more narrow. So for total snake, the anacondas got first prize.

Now for the biggest snake ever found, in Colombia in the coal mines, they found a fossil of what they called Titanoboa. He was 48 feet long, and they estimated that his weight was probably well over 2,500 pounds, and that's the biggest snake fossil ever found. They found it in an open coal mine in Columbia.

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