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Fun Anaconda Facts

Learn some fun facts about anacondas in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


Some fun facts about anacondas are number one, they are in the boa constrictor families, as a matter of fact they are the largest of the boa constrictors, and this is a boa constrictor.

They are from South America the Amazon, they are more of an aquatic snake. They get quite large, but they aren't the longest snake in the world. That goes to the reticulated python. But with the anaconda, a fun fact is is the longest one was about 28 feet, but his girth was 44 inches, whereas a reticulated python won't even get half of that.

Now when you have a snake that large, when you feed snakes, you can feed bait up to the size of the largest part of the snake. Can you imagine what you have to feed an anaconda that's 44 inches in girth. So you never want to own an anaconda because they are carnivores, and they need prey that would fit their bellies, and at 44 inches that could even be us.

And as a matter of fact, there are documented cases where, unfortunately, people have been lost to an anaconda. They normally eat things in the water, fish, toads, you know, small mammals around the rivers. And one thing where you'll read where they've seen anacondas that are a 100 feet, things like that, what happens is when anaconda sheds, remember that it's so big that what they do is they take that shedding and they spread that thing out, and they think that's how big the snake is.

So you'll hear reports of anacondas being over 50, 60 feet long. That's not the case, the longest ever was about 28 feet. But they are a very dangerous snake, and a very hungry snake, so you do not want them as pets.

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