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3 Most Deadly Snakes in the World

Learn what are the three most deadly snakes in the world in this Howcast video about pet snakes.


The deadliest snake in the world has to be the black mamba, unlike our boa here who is very docile. The black mamba is found in sub-Sahara Africa. It's a big snake, and it's a fast snake. They can grow anywhere from 8 to 12 to 14 feet. They can move up to 12 miles an hour. And unlike a lot of other snakes like this friendly guy here, they're aggressive and they're territorial. The black mamba has a neurotoxin, and that neurotoxin is so strong that if it bites you, death is normally almost 100% and can occur within 30 minutes to a few hours, if you don't get the anti-venom. It is so strong that one single bite actually has enough poison in it, not just to kill you, but can kill 10 to 25 adults. So the black mamba has to be our number one deadliest snake.

I think for me, the second most deadliest snake has to be the Russell viper, and the reason I say that is, is it's responsible for more human fatalities than any venomous snake in the world. Although it won't kill you as fast as the mamba will, the black mamba, its bite will cause bleeding, swelling, necrosis of your skin and muscles. And if you do survive, the pain during the recovery can last up to two weeks. So I'm going to put the Russell viper as the second most deadly snake.

I have to say for me, the third most deadliest snake is the Egyptian cobra. It is the most common cobra in Africa. It grows to between five and eight feet, some of them a little bit more than that. And its venom is a neurotoxin, so when you get bit by the Egyptian cobra, you essentially start to become paralyzed. It starts with your muscles, but it moves quickly to your heart and lungs, to where you can't breathe. So this deadly snake, you essentially will die from suffocation before you die from heart failure, which puts it number three in my book.

So these are three of the most deadliest snakes in the world. Thank goodness they don't live in our neighborhood. If you go visit those countries be aware of them, because you definitely want to stay away from them.

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