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How to Own a Pet Snake with Dr. Mark F. Magazu

Learn about Mark F. Magazu, DVM, one of Howcast's snake experts, in this video.


Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Magazu from St. Francis Veterinary Center in South Jersey.

Many people ask me how I got interested in veterinary medicine. It actually started way back in 1967. My father was in the military and we were stationed in Guam out in the South Pacific. We had no TV and no radio. So all we really could do is read books or play around.

My brother, Dominic, my older brother, loved to read books and he gave me this book and said, "Mark, you've got to read this book." Me, I liked to mess around. I was too busy chasing lizards around the house. But he persisted and I finally read the book, and the book was Dr. Doolittle. From that point I wanted to walk and talk with the animals and have dedicated my life ever since, learning more about all of our precious creatures that we live with on Earth.

If you'd like to learn more about me or what we do at St. Francis Veterinary Center in South Jersey, feel free to check out our website at I hope today that I was able to help you in the basics on understanding and caring for our snakes. Please do a good job for all of us.

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