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How to Dance Alone

Learn how to dance alone with this dance video from Howcast.


Loretta: Hey, everyone, what's up? My name is Loretta. This is my sister, Ava. We're the Double Time Twins. And today we're going to teach you to dance by yourself. So the two main things to remember when you're dancing by yourself is to just have confidence and have fun doing whatever it is you're doing. The cool thing about dancing by yourself is that you don't have to do somebody else's rhythm. You don't have to work.

Ava: So if Loretta's in a slow kind of groove, but you don't feel like doing that groove, that's totally fine because you're dancing by yourself. So whatever groove you want to do, you can do. Okay, so Loretta's going to demonstrate how you can dance by yourself on the dance floor. So, since you have the entire dance floor by yourself, you're not going to stay in one box, right?

Loretta: Right.

Ava: So, Loretta's going to show you how to dance in a box. No, a little box. Like if you didn't have the whole dance floor, you would just stand in a box like this, because there's other people around you, right? But you have the whole dance floor to yourself because you're dancing by yourself. So, you're going to use it. So, dance in a big box, like you have the whole dance floor, right?

Loretta: Alright.

Ava: Okay, so we go, step, together, step, together, step, together, step, together. So, we can go to the side first. Side, together. Then you can take it back. Back, together. Take it to the other side. Side, together. Then take it back up front. Stop, Front, together. Awesome, let's do that again. Five, six, seven, eight. Step, together, take it back. Take it side. Take it front. Awesome. Alright, so, let's do that faster as if we have the whole dance floor together.

Loretta: Well, you want to do that because I'm dancing by myself?

Ava: Right, Loretta can do it because she's dancing by herself. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, you can turn while you're doing it, too. Awesome, six, seven, eight. Remember, just have fun, own it, love it. You're dancing by yourself, it's your own groove.

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