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How to Dance at a Club

Learn how to dance at a club with this dance video from Howcast.


Loretta: Hey everybody, what's up? My name's Loretta, This is Ava.

Ava: I'm Ava.

Anthony: And I'm Anthony.

Ava: And Britney.

Loretta: And we're here to teach you how to dance at a club. So the main thing when we're all out, we all want to look good and be fresh and the big thing we want to do is take pictures, right? So this is what we're going to do, we're going...

Ava: And upload them to like, Facebook.

Loretta: Oh, come on, we all do it, please. Okay, so we're going to start with like, basic step touch. Step,together. Step,together. Step,together. Step,together. Awesome, so when we come together, we go, step,together. We do a pose. Any pose you want to do, so let's just do four poses. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight; pose, pose, pose, pose. Awesome, so any pose you want to do when you go step together, you pose. Like someone's taking a picture.

Ava: Picture.

Loretta: Picture, picture, picture. Yes, so here we go; five. And don't feel like you have to stay in the same area the whole time, you can work around in front.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ava: Yeah, you can move around. We can move around.

Loretta: We can move around, you're in the club right? We can move around, dance around. Go around, right?

Ava: Exactly.

Loretta: But step pose, step pose. Keep that in mind. There we go. All right. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight; step boom, boom, boom, boom, boom; awesome.

Ava: Loretta did five poses.

Loretta: Let's do it again, we can do eight.

Anthony: All right.

Ava: All right.

Loretta: All right. Five, six, seven, eight; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Awesome, and that's how you dance at a club.

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