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4 Sexy Move Do's & Don'ts for Guys

Learn 4 sexy move do's and don'ts for guys with this dance video from Howcast.


Anthony: Hi, I'm Anthony.

Ava: Hi, I'm Ava.

Loretta: I'm Loretta. Right now, Anthony is going to show us some sexy moves for a guy at a club.

Anthony: All right. So guys, we're going to break it down on the dance floor and we're going to try to get a girl's eye. We're going to keep it calm, cool, and collected. Simple, slide hit, slide hit, slide hit, slide hit.

Now if you want to add some flavor to it, you can drop the shoulders, drop the shoulders, drop the shoulders and drop the shoulders. I'm going to teach you one more and then we'll get to some don'ts. So the second do is we're going to go slide tap, slide and back, slide and back, slide and back.

Loretta: That's pretty sexy.

Anthony: Now for our don'ts. We have some major don'ts, we don't want to do on the dance floor. I call this a breakdown of a terrible Running Man.

Loretta: Oh, no.

Anthony: If you're in a club, and you just see a random guy who's doing some of this, she's not going to call you.

Ava: No,not sexy.

Anthony: Not at all. I know every girl likes to drop it low, but when you're a guy I just don't think it works the same way. You probably shouldn't just be like...

Ava: Definitely not. I'd be like, "EWWW.".

Anthony: And that's the response you don't want to get, and guys, that's how you dance sexy and confident at a club.

Ava: Awesome.

Loretta: You'll definitely get a girl's attention.

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