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How to Dance Inside a Circle

Learn how to dance inside a circle with this dance video from Howcast.


Ava: Hi everybody, I'm Eva. This is my twin sister Loretta and this is Anthony. Right now, we are going to show you how to dance, when you get inside of the circle. So a lot of the time, when you're at a party or at a club, your friends; you guys are all inside a circle together, dancing, but occasionally like that song might come on and you're just feeling that spark of energy.

Loretta: Oh, that's my song, move.

Anthony: My jam.

Loretta: Oh, that's my song, move.

Ava: So you want to get into the circle, but then when you get in the circle what do you do, because you don't want to you know, go absolutely crazy and you don't want to just stand there. You have that spark of energy like, "This is my song."

So you want to keep it simple and do moves that everyone is going to know and love, and just keep the energy up. One move that we could do for girls is a booty shake, because that is always fun. Everyone's like, "Oh."

Anthony: And for guys, we always love the booty shake, as much as possible.

Ava: So girls, if you're in a club; you're in that situation where you're in a circle, "Oh, that's my song." You're going to get into the circle, I'll have Loretta demonstrate, okay.

Loretta: So Anthony and I are the circle, right?

Ava: I guess face this way.

Loretta: Well, everything is going to be in the circle.

Ava: Yeah, so Loretta is going to get in the middle of the circle, "Oh, that's my song."

Loretta: That's my jam and I could just start out with a basic booty shake; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And if there's guys behind me -- Anthony -- we're good, okay? So that's one you could do. Another one you could do is if you turn around and this is the front, "Hey," three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

You could circle, circle, circle or you could even get low and drop it, and everyone goes crazy. So go crazy, ready? Five, six, seven, go -- that's something that you definitely want to do when you're inside the circle. Do moves that you feel confident doing, that you're going to love and then step in and you're going to get the crowd going and everything like that.

Ava: Keep the energy up, so that's for girls.

Loretta: Keep the energy up.

Ava: That's for girls. Now for guys, when you want to jump in the circle, it's a little different. No booty shaking.

Loretta: No booty shaking.

Ava: It's not really going to work for guys. So Anthony's going to show us some stuff for guys.

Anthony: So when you walk in it, the first step you want to do is just all power. Everything should be like a force coming in, and then we're just going to keep a circle...

Ava: BAM.

Anthony: ... and just keep it simple, in front and cross. Now if you want to spice it up a little, you can do a little kick and cross. So we go hip, cross, cross, back kick; cross, cross, cross, back kick.

Ava: Awesome, so that's how you dance when you're inside of the circle.

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