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How to Get Your Friends to Dance

Learn how to get your friends to dance with this dance video from Howcast.


Loretta: Hey everybody, what's up? My name is Loretta. This is my twin sister, Ava, and this is Anthony. Today, I'm going to show you how to motivate your friends to dance. I know this is the big thing. We go out it's like, "Ah, I should have danced, but I like to dance."

So this is - it's a big thing, right? Not everybody loves to dance, but you can get them to dance with you, and then you'll end up having fun together as opposed to you just being over here, and them being being over here, right? Because that's why we're going out in the first place, to have fun and to dance, right?

So example, Ava and Anthony, come and stand over here, being really standoffish. They don't want to dance, right? And you're over here and you're like, "I want to dance, no one's dancing with me." Instead of complaining, what you could do to get your friends to dance with you, is just come over, be really cool, all right?

And be confident and have fun. So you're like, "Hey guys, can you come dance with me? Come dance with me. Come, it'll be fun. Maybe, maybe, a little bit, a little bit, a little more, a little more. Yes, all right. Get a party time, yeah, yeah."

Ava: Okay, that would actually, really motivate me to dance, because what Loretta did there was, she just got us moving. She just got us moving, because that's probably the hardest thing to do to, is to get your friends to dance. Just get them moving. So, if you slightly just touch them, like grab their hands.

Loretta: Inviting, welcoming.

Ava: Yeah, be welcoming and inviting, and just start moving with them. Turn one of them, you're going to get a smile, right away. And then just bring up the energy and they'll all dance with you.

Anthony: The best thing about it is also, if you don't come off too aggressive and almost playful, it really does work at the end of the day, because if you're inviting to dance with you, instead of forcing them, everyone's going want to dance with you that day.

Loretta: Absolutely, Anthony is totally right, high five. Yes, way cool. So just come in, be really cool and be really inviting, too. Don't come over like, too strong, like crazy dance with me, okay? You have to come over and you got to be really cool and just simple dance moves.

Side to side, yes. We're all having fun. We're all friends. We're all together. We're all having fun. And you could just take it from there and make it your own group, so that is how you can motivate your friends to come and dance with you.

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