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How to Get a Shy Boy to Dance

Learn how to get a shy boy to dance with this dance video from Howcast.


Loretta: Hey everyone, what's up? My name's Loretta. This is Ava and Anthony. Today, we're going to show you how to get shy guys to dance. I know when some guys are just standing, when you're at a party or at a club, or at an event or wherever you are, and they kind of just stand up in the corner, that's kind of really attractive.

It's kind of like "I want to get him to dance." And you're kind of, like up for the challenge. At first before anything, you have to be up to the challenge, okay? How am I going to get this guy to dance with me, right?

The first thing, before you do that you've got to be confident. You've got to walk over to him with confidence, because he's shy. Don't be overly confident to overwhelm him, but just be a little extra confident to give that confidence to him. So Anthony's going to be like a shy guy.

Loretta: Okay, so say Anthony's a shy guy and he's in the corner, and Ava's over here. She's scoping him out. "Oh, he looks really hot. I want to get this guy to dance with me," right? So basically, just come over and be cool, right? Walk over and just be cool. Just be cool.

"Hey, what's up? How you doing?" Maybe a little conversation and then maybe, if you would take his hands like this and just gradually walk with him. Something like a natural movement that he would already do. So just walk, maybe walk slowly to the dance floor, okay? And then maybe you could swing your arms side to side, maybe you could two step with him.

Then maybe you could even lead and turn yourself around to make him feel like, "Oh, my God. I just turned this chick around. I'm awesome." That'll give him the confidence to be like, "All right, I got this. I can do this." And then he gets into it more, yes. Hey, hey, yes. See, now he's doing it all by himself. So If you were a shy guy, would that work?

Anthony: Of course.

Ava: Awesome.

Loretta: You're supposed to say that.

Anthony: I know.

Loretta: That is how you get a shy boy to dance with you.

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