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How to Dance to Rock Music

Learn how to dance to rock music with this dance video from Howcast.


Loretta: Hey everybody, what's up? My name's Loretta. This is my twin sister, Ava. This is Anthony. Today, we're going to teach you how to dance to rock music. So the basic thing that you want to do when you're listening to rock, if you're at a concert, if you're at a club or anything, is basically, just to feel the beat in your attitude, right? So when you're in it, what do we all do when we hear rock music?

Anthony: Raise our arms.

Loretta: Our arm is up and that's what you do. As cliche as it might possibly be, that's what feels good and that's just kind of like how your body goes. So one arm is up and your head goes with it and your arm pulses front; one two, three, four; add a bounce; five, six, seven, eight.

Anthony: And another thing you guys want to keep in mind, is that you don't want to just wave your arms around like you don't care. But if you stay on beat and really feel the pulse, people around you are going to pick up on that, and you're going to look like a cool guy or girl.

Loretta: And you're going to be rocking out. It's going to be awesome. Another move that we could do is the air guitar.

Ava: The air guitar.

Anthony: The air guitar, so our air guitar is a simple two-step, which is rock and hit, rock and hit, rock and hit, rock and hit. Now you can bring it low, if you want. We can rock and hit low, rock and hit low, rock and hit low, rock and hit low. Or you can bring it up and you can slap the face and put it over your head even, and we're rocking it high, rocking it high, rocking it high, rocking it high.

Loretta: Awesome, so those are two simple dance moves that you can do to rock the music, to rock out with your friends.

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