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How to Dance with the DoubleTime Twins

Learn about the DoubleTime Twins, two of Howcast's dance experts, in this video.


Ava: Hi everybody, I'm Ava. This is Loretta and we're the Double Time Twins, born and raised in Long Island, New York. Growing up, we started dancing really young. We've also been teaching our whole lives too, because we've been teaching each other so that's something that we really love to do, and that's close to our hearts. As dancers, we've performed with professional dance teams at Madison Square Garden, Prudential Center, and Yankee Stadium. Right now, we're really focusing on our dance fitness classes that we teach at gyms and studios.

Loretta: Right, because that's just something that is fun, simple, but everybody could do -- just to get everybody moving and having fun -- because that's what it's basically all about for us.

Ava: And getting a good workout in, too.

Loretta: Yes, and getting a good workout in too, of course. To learn more about us, you can go to our website at

Ava: Facebook and Twitter/DoubleTimeTwins. And now, we're going to break down some dance moves for you.

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