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How to Say "Good Morning" "Good Afternoon" and "Good Evening" in Korean

Learn how to say the greetings "good morning," "good afternoon" and "good evening" in Korean with this Howcast video lesson.


How to greet in Korean, "Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening." There's only one form of greeting for all times of the day, which is "ahnyeonghaseyo." Ahnyeonghaseyo. Now you try.

You can also use the informal way of greeting someone by saying "ahnyeong." Ahnyeong. Now you try.

You might also want to say "good morning" in another informal way by saying "joheunahchim," which literally translates to "Good morning." Joheunahchim. Good morning. Now you try.

And that's how to say "Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening," in Korean.

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