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How to Sing the Korean Alphabet Song

Learn how to sing the Korean Alphabet Song with this Howcast video lesson.


How to sing the Korean alphabet song. In order to recite the Korean alphabet, you need to have some basic understanding of the consonants and vowels of the language.

There are 14 basic consonants, which are:

G, N, D, R/L, M, B, S, and the consonant which appears to look like the letter "O" in the English alphabet, which has no sound value, then J/Z, CH, K, T, P, H.

Now you try.

Then we have the 10 basic vowels, which are:

AH, YA, UH, YUH, OH, YOH, OO, YOO, and a line, the schwa, that has no sound value, EE.

Now you try.

Koreans recite the alphabet by combining the consonants with the first vowel "ah." You would sing the Korean alphabet as:

gah, nah, dah, rah, mah, bah, sah, ah, ja, cha, kah, tah, pah, hah.

Now you try.

And that's how to sing the Korean alphabet song.

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