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How to Punch Someone in the Face & Throat in Self-Defense

Learn how to punch someone in the face and throat in this self-defense video from Howcast.


Okay, so today we're going to speak about how to punch someone in the face or in the neck.

First of all, you have to be careful about not punching anybody on the throat. You can cause tremendous damage, you can even kill someone. So the first thing is how to calculate. So what we're going to do is measure that perfectly. So, we're going to go and push. Exactly, go and push. The point that I normally use is the chin. It's very easy to reach. Okay, that's very easy. And it can cause a lot of damage. You can use the nose, too. So what she's going to do is, she's going to use the same move, she's going to push in the beginning, not punch, just push. Exactly, again. Exactly, again. Exactly, my nose. Exactly, again, again. Nice. The second thing, that's regarding the face.

But now, regarding the neck, I would use the side, never the front, just in case. You want to use the side. It's the same as punching in the face, but what you're going to do is go for the side. You're going to punch straight and you're going to come back. Punch again, and come back. Just do it, nice. Again, nice. Again, nice. In the reality will be something like that, don't worry. Very quick punch, then come back.

That's how you punch the face and the neck.

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