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How to Do a Palm Strike in Self-Defense

Learn how to do a palm strike in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So now we're going to speak about how to do a palm strike in self-defense.

Two different things. One is if I want to use that as a target by itself. So, let's face each other. So if I'm going to strike her directly, I'm using this side of the palm. It's very important not to hit with your fingers. How can you train this? Very easy, you have your partner shoulder. What you're going to do is push in the beginning, just pushing, boom. Just pushing again. Try to do it. Nice, do it again. Nice, do it again. If you feel like you're touching with your fingers at any moment, then you're not doing that correctly, Okay? So you want to watch out for that. Nice, do it again. Nice. Now try to do the same, but quicker. Exactly. So, now it's not only pushing, but also hitting at the same time. Very important.

The second option, because that is the striking, is if I want to use the strike as a distraction. So imagine if I really want to hit with this one but she's really good at covering herself so what I'm going to do is use this as a distraction and then I can use my fist. So I'm going to demonstrate it at real speed but by using her shoulder. Imagine that instead of her shoulder, it's her face. It would be like this, like this, Okay? Very fast. This is a distraction. Imagine, again, that it's the face. And then I'm using that. Why? She's covering herself. I use that as a distraction and then I can punch, Okay?

So we have two ways again, remember. Striking and as a distraction. Places where you can hit. Mostly the face, Okay? You can use the chin. This is very effective because not only do you hit but you open and arch the body. It's very important when you want to strike the groin, you must arch the body. So again, chin up, and then you can kick.

And those are different ways to use your palm strike.

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