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How to Do an Ear Pull in Self-Defense

Learn how to do an ear pull in this self-defense video from Howcast.


So now we're going to explain how to do an ear pull.

This is very important because this is like a basic self defense move because it works every time, it works against any opponent. That's very important, it doesn't matter the size of the other person, and it's going to hurt like hell, Okay?

So, I'm going to face her, one thing that you don't want to do is when you pull to bring that person to you, closer to you, want to, that person to get to the side. It is not real easy to think that you're going to pull away, Okay and you might get punched, that's very very complicated to do too. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to pull to the side, Okay?

So again, I'm going to pull to the side and as you can see, her face and her whole body is following her, she's going to move to that side, that's what I want right now. So scenarios where we can see that for example, she grasps my hand, I can easily grab her ear and pull it to the side, Okay? As you can see, she's moving to the side, she grabs me here, the same thing. I can pull her to the side, Okay? So, even if she chokes me a little bit, even if she tries to choke me, even if she uses both hands, one to here, I can still use this move, Okay?

Another place where you can do the ear pull is on the floor. So imagine that I am attacking her, she's on the floor and I'm going to be on top, going to be the attacker, and in this case I'm going to grab her, I'm struggling with her even strangling, so, as long as she can reach me with one hand, its fine, Okay? So, what she's going to do is she's going to pull to the side, she doesn't want to pull me to her otherwise I'm going to put more weight on her, so she's going to pull me to the side, Okay?

And very important, before you do that, we're going to explain the way that you can pull you ear properly, you would use your hand to put these four fingers behind the ear, put both fingers, exactly, all of them behind the ear so that's much easier, why? If you're struggling and somebody is really fast, it's very difficult if you try to grab with one or two, but of you try to grab with four, probably you are going to get one or two which is good enough.

So, remember, four of them, exactly, behind the ear, now you pull it to the side, nice. I'm going to move, she's going to put her knee, first to avid me going to her and then she's going to pull and push with the other one, she's going to push with her foot, exactly. Then she's going to escape, so I'm going to come back and I'm going to come back from this position, so you can see it from the other side too and again, we're on the floor, I'm on top. I'm fighting against her, so she's going to grab my ear, the first one, exactly and she's going to pull to the side, exactly. The first thing, stop there, she's going to stay there so I cannot keep moving towards her and she's going to create this space to put the other foot here and push, push and she can get away, Okay?

And those are two ways that you can use an ear pull.

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